Accumulation of capital, crisis and “return to nature”?

Patelis D.

Nature is involved in the production activity of humans, in relation to each level of development of productive forces and the correlation of the last to the dominant production relations. As a result of the intensity of the quarrel in conditions of crisis (which occurs between the poles of labor and the capital at a global level, between the monopoly associations, between old and new imperialistic poles, between monopolized and non-monopolized capitals, etc) and the resulting changes of global current events, the capital has the tendency to resort to the following “solutions”, or a combination of these: 1. The relocation of production (spatial fix), 2. Technological reconstructing of production (technological fix). 3. Transport to more lucrative, less concentrated, etc. branches of production (product fix). 4. Exodus to the financial sphere (financial fix), through the sale of production units, and the turn to financial or other temporary investments. The combination of the above “solutions”, may lead to temporary rescue-outlet from the crisis of capitalism, creating a new field of accumulation, more conducive for the safeguard of an ideological consensus-hegemony (e.g. in the form of “green development”).